Obama Dept. of Labor Seeks To Delay Pink Slips To Federally Contracted Companies Until After Election

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | July 31st, 2012


It seems like there was a bit of a kink in the Obama Campaign’s 2012 Road To Nowhere. Or Forward. Or whatever it is being called this week.

It seems like they wanted to make sure that the many thousands of layoffs that are going to occur due to federal contracts being canceled and the like, were not issued a mere five days before the election

From CNSNews.com:

(CNSNews.com) – President Obama is trying to prevent thousands of layoff notices from going out a few days before the November election, Sen. Jame Inhofe (R-Okla.) said on Tuesday.

Obama’s Labor Department on Monday issued “guidance” to the states, telling them that a federal law requiring advance notice of mass layoffs does not apply to the layoffs that may occur in January as a result of automatic budget cuts known as “sequestration.”

Inhofe, appearing on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, said President Obama, through his Labor Department, “is trying to intimidate businesses, companies, corporations — not just defense contractors — into not issuing the pink slips,” which are required by federal law 60 days before mass layoffs or plant closings.

“(T)he president doesn’t really want all these pink slips going out five days before the election,” Inhofe said.

While the WARN Act requires that workers who are scheduled to be laid off from companies that have contracts with the federal government, are to be notified no later than 60 days before the contract runs out or is canceled, the Department of Labor is singing a different tune.

But in guidance issued on Monday, Assistant Labor Secretary Jane Oates said never mind about those pink slips:

“Questions have recently been raised as to whether the WARN Act requires Federal contractors…whose contracts may be terminated or reduced in the event of sequestration on January 2, 2013, to provide WARN Act notices 60 days before that date to their workers employed under government contracts funded from sequestrable accounts. The answer to this question is ‘no.’ In fact, to provide such notice would be inconsistent with the purpose of the WARN Act.”

Of course, as Inhofe pointed out, big contractors like Lockheed-Martin could face severe fines if they do not issue said pink slips according the WARN Act’s guidelines.

Nothing like playing politics with thousands of American jobs, just to cover up the fact that we are in the worst jobs and unemployment situation since the Great Depression.

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