More Leftist Child Molestation: Shut down Piper Palin’s Lemonade Stand?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | May 8th, 2009

While the Left cannot sink any lower when it comes to their NAMBLA-like obsession with the Palins and especially the Palin children, they are at least moving sideways, like a maggot sitting in the middle of a Michael Moore shit is wont to do.

In Juneau lives a creep who dislikes the fact that so many tourists visiting his fair city are visiting the Governor’s Mansion on their tours. So much so that he has 1) put a STOP LOCAL TOURS sign right outside the mansion’s fence and 2) wants to shut down little Piper Palin’s lemonade stand.

As noted by (Hat-tip to DTS at FreeConservatives for posting about this)

A Juneau reader, and fan of Governor Palin (a rare breed in Juneau, I’m sure), tells me that Piper Palin has been running a lemonade stand in Juneau. And that one Chip Thoma is the man behind a movement to close it down.

Mr. Thoma leads a group of Juneau residents who are just “sick and tired” of the Palins and the tours that are conducted to the governor’s mansion (something that has been occurring in Juneau since the first governor took office). It seems that Governor Palin is so popular with tourists that thousands of people are walking from the docks to the governor’s mansion in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the first family. Mr. Thoma feels that this — along with Piper Palin’s lemonade stand, trampoline and buoy swing — is “bringing down the neighborhood.” It seems that Mr. Thoma doesn’t enjoy the Palin children very much. Grinch.

The story gets even more bizarre. Mr. Thoma apparently used to spend his time on the docks in Juneau telling tourists to not bother visiting the governor’s mansion because Governor Palin was “never in town.” Now that Governor Palin is in town, he still has a problem. Go figure.

Mr. Thoma’s group has decided to plant “stop tours” signs on the path from the docks to the governor’s mansion.

My question to Mr. Thoma is this: Where would Juneau be without tourism and the state government? It seems that the answer is: Nowhere. weighs in:

But, it’s really clear what these loons are doing, and that it’s most definitely being directed by the DNC: Palin is a major threat and would defeat Dr. Utopia in 2012. Therefore, Palin must be annihilated. The reasoning is: just throw everything you have at her every day, sue her for something frivilous several times a day if you can, attack her famiy, her friends, and no matter what she does, oppose her. If she leaves the state the way every other Governor does to do business in Washington or attend other events she is invited to, ATTACK HER. If she doesn’t attend something she is invited to, ATTACK HER, claiming she’s not promoting Alaska as a tourist destination. If tourists start coming to Alaska to try to meet her or just see her (as we ourselves want to do this summer…and we never, ever had an urge to go all the way to Alasks before Sarah Palin was on our radar), ATTACK HER because she’s bringing too many people into the state and it is inconveniencing locals.

Is this a typical DNC attack, the type that they launch nearly everyday to show their abject terror at Sarah Palin? Or is this troll simply upset that the better smelling tourists that show up in Juneau will confuse his nasal passages so much that he will finally be able to tell the difference between rotting fish and his wife’s genitals?

Personally, I would prefer not to know.

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6 Responses to “More Leftist Child Molestation: Shut down Piper Palin’s Lemonade Stand?”

  1. You conservatives have the nastiest language and innuendo and thoughts of any folks on the Internet.

    The juxtaposition of talking about a kid’s lemonade stand, then referring to the objecting citizen/resident’s wife’s genitals? You’re just disgusting.

  2. Maybe you would have been less “offended” if I had…

    a) hoped Clarence Thomas’ wife fed him enough high fat food to give him a heart attack (Suzanne Malveaux)

    b) hoped that a bunch of NYC black men gang-raped Sarah Palin (Sandra Bernhardt)

    c) called Miss California a dog and jokingly said that such a name was being kicked around as the Obama puppy’s name (David Axelrod)

    d) have a potential Democrat Senator (Franken) pose for a picture dressed in Huggies and holding a stuffed rabbit like a life-long NAMBLA member.

    For those of you on the Left, spare me your mock indignation, please. If you want to see disgusting on a daily basis, just drop by cesspools such as DuH ( or the Daily Kiddies over at Kos.

    There, you will see postings, attitudes and views that would turn the stomach of Joseph Mengele.

    By the way, the creep who has been causing all this hubub, Chip Thoma, has been convicted multiple times of DUI as well as possession. Hardly sounds like someone from a Norman Rockwell painting, but more like the typical, Soros-funded escaped mental patient.

  3. heh heh

  4. Obviously any individual who would attempt to shut down a child’s lemonade stand to “get back” at her parent politically is the vilest of the vile. And as usual the left ignores the message and defends the indefensible to attack the messenger. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH ATTACKING SARAH PALIN’S KIDS. ENOUGH!! Despicable.

  5. Webmistress – do you have anything of substance to actually comment on regarding the core issue, or did someone piss in your Wheaties this morning?

    Diversion will eventually have only you spinning in a circle, and everyone else looking on, wondering when you’re going to toss your cookies.

    Any comments about the child’s lemonade stand being shut down? Any at all? If she were the child of Jeanean Garofalo? Then what?

    Can you muster a substantive answer for us please?

  6. Elect limited government values in the GOP!

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