Election Results – 8/24/2010: Miller Upset, McCain and Rubio Cruise

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | August 25th, 2010

This Tuesday’s Roundup:

The Good:

Joe Miller pulls off a big win in Alaska, defeating Lisa Murkowski in the GOP Senate primary. Marco Rubio rolls in the GOP Florida Senate primary.

The Bad:

John McCain rolled to victory with a convincing victory over former GOP House member J.D. Hayworth

The Usual:

The next spokesman for Depends, Patrick Leahy rolled to an easy primary victory in the Vermont. He will face Len Britton in the November election.

The Omen:

Bill Scott defeats long-timer Bill McCollum in the Florida GOP governor’s primary.

First off, what everyone is talking about, Joe Miller. This could almost have gone under “The Omen” heading, as this is just one more in a long running pattern of long-serving, incumbent careerists in both parties being lead out to pasture by an electorate that is at the boiling point. Sick of spending, sick of taxes, sick of being used, abused, called names while being pickpocketed on a daily basis and then being called stingy for not paying their “fair share”. This has been going for 10 months now and will approach hyperdrive come November.

By the way, Murkowksi is said to exploring an independent run, but it may already be too late.

From The Daily Beast: (Hat Tip: Hot Air)

The ongoing battle for who won the Republican primary in the Alaska Senate race will come down to the absentee ballots, but in an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, a source within the Murkowski campaign says they know of one possible legal option to pursue a third party run. If Murkowski is not victorious when the absentee ballots are counted and decides to wage an independent party bid, they might consider using this option, which the source wouldn’t describe, but did confirm they were seriously looking at…

Although it’s not exactly clear what the options the Murkowski camp are now exploring, one possibility is running a write-in campaign, which would be very difficult and unlikely option. According to the Elections Coordinator in the Alaska Department of Elections, Murkowski has until October 28th to file as a write-in, in which case write-in votes for her would be counted if the aggregate total of all write-ins is greater than ballots cast or within the range that would require a recount. In the coordinator’s 14 years, this has never happened in a state race.

The other possibility: the Alaska Independence Party. Former Governor Wally Hickel lost the Republican primary in 1990, but won in the general by being on the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) ticket. A third party run could work for Murkowski as the Democrat’s candidate is largely unknown Sitka mayor Scott McAdams, but she would have to overcome the main reason the AIP exists in the Last Frontier: they are a secessionist party calling for Alaska to leave the United States. Obviously, Murkowski is not a secessionist, which Alaskans know, and an aggressive PR campaign promoting her independence rather than the AIP may be her only route back to Washington this fall.

AllahPundit mentions it probably will not matter anyway:

I poked around the Alaska secretary of state’s webpage this morning and it looks like Murkowski’s too late to run as an indie. Alaska is one of the 46 states with a “sore-loser law” requiring independents to register for the ballot by the date of the party primaries (Connecticut is one of the four without one), so the window on that is closed. A write-in campaign is possible — Bob Bennett considered it after losing in the Utah Republican caucus — but how likely is it that she’ll convince 75,000 or so supporters, many of whom will necessarily be Democrats, to take the time to write her in instead of flipping the switch for a party nominee? As for the AIP, I won’t even pretend to know how that might work. Looks like they don’t yet have a nominee for Senate this year, so presumably Murkowski would make some sort of deal with them in which they nominate her and she … pushes for Alaskan independence? Man, blogging these midterms is going to be fun.

Speaking of fun, here is a little giggle.

Via Michelle Malkin:

Oh, by the way, someone on Slate.com needs to change her pantyhose. The former pair is as full of holes as their predictions were.

As for The Bad, while it was not a surprise in any way, it is still disheartening to see Sen. “Shamnesty” be renominated and cruise to a near-certain win in November. Granted, J.D. Hayworth was not the most ideal candidate to run against McCain. Being a former House member, not running the best campaign, having idiocy like his infomercial on how to get “free” government money and the simple fact of not being an “outsider” all conspired to have him come up way short. A fresh face, without political baggage was what was needed if there was any chance to unseat The Maverick. As someone over at FC mentioned today, McCain is Arizona’s Ted Kennedy and will only be gone from office when he steps down.

As for Scott and McCollum, there is another sign that careerists need not apply to run in GOP primaries anymore. And is just one more nail in the coffin of the RNC’s irrelevancy.

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  1. We have to win big to get over the cheating we’ve already heard of. It’s not new but what’s new is that prohibited vigilant and are learning over it now instead of a pair of months from now. are going to exposed for the cheaters they may be, just as their detrimental campaigning has shown these folks as liars and devoid that belongs to them ideas. Now is not plenty of time to slow down nevertheless rather to pile this on. It is plenty of time to leave no doubt about where the American people today stand.

  2. I agree Scott – American will never stand where we deserve to….

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