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Friday Fun: Give Obama Your Wedding Gift

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | June 22nd, 2012

What? You mean Michelle’s $1 trillion wardrobe budget is overdrawn already?

I think more to the point, the American People want a divorce from this freakish person. Stat.

Bob Kerry: Ready For 2012. Kinda. Sorta. Well, Maybe Not.

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | June 6th, 2012

Sen. Bob Kerry, that famous New York resident, is now trying to Cornhusker his way back into the good graces of Nebraskans everywhere.

But he sure goes about it in a strange way.

From Doug Powers:

In order to make it look as if he’s actually living in the state for which he wants to serve as senator (again), Democrat Bob Kerrey is currently in the process of buying a house in Nebraska after living the past ten years in New York. Kerrey previously failed a Nebraska residency test but made it on the ballot anyway, and a recent Rasmussen poll shows Republican Deb Fischer with an 18 point lead over Kerrey.

All well and good, but I cannot help but wonder if Cornhuskers statewide will resent the stench of Bloombergism that Kerry will bring to his new neghborhood. Kerry himself does not seem to care one way or the other:

From Bloomberg:

“I’m not running because I need to be a senator,” he said. “In fact, I barely want to be. I’m willing to do it because I’m worried about our country. There’s a set of problems that aren’t going to be solved unless people are willing to compromise.”

As Powers said, “Well, that should make the cash register at Kerrey for Senate HQ ring”

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We All Saw It Coming: Hitler Finds Out That Scott Walker Won the WI Recall Vote

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | June 6th, 2012

Great stuff, as always.

Best comment: “ROTFLMAO Der slush fund is kaput!”

Hat Tip to Sister Toldjah.

D-Day: 68 Years On, Their Courage and Sacrifice Still Awes

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | June 6th, 2012

As we wind down from a heady state recall election, poor economic/jobs numbers and a President who would rather romp in the surf and sun rather than honor America’s Finest, let us take a moment to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice against long odds.

Omaha Beach. Utah Beach. Places and names that will forever be etched into the fabric of world history. Words that symbolize the enormous sacrifices of the forces of good against one of the greatest evils Man has ever seen.

While Google and other assorted leftist and “progressive” entities would prefer to forget, ignore or simply not think about such a seminal moment. (Google is celebrating the 79th anniversary of the drive-in theatre instead), many, many others choose to honor those whose bravery and ultimate effort began the fall of Nazi regime.

Not surprisingly, no one can say it better than The Great Communicator himself, President Ronald Reagan. Here is famous 40th anniversary speech at Point-du-Hoc:

Also, (courtesy Michelle Malkin) here is a perfect and hilarious video of how today’s State Run Media would have covered D-Day, had they been around back then:

God bless our fighting men and women and may we never forget their bravery and honor.

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DOJ to “monitor” WI Recall Election Tomorrow

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | June 4th, 2012

Now, isn’t this a hoot and a half. A department that dropped the already-won-by-deafault case against the Black Panthers for their voter suppression/intimidation tactics in 2008 and whose department head claims that voter fraud is “not an issue” suddenly feels the need to go all Jimmy Carter over tomorrow’s crucial vote in WI tomorrow.


By “monitor,” do they mean allow dead people to vote? Milwaukee is the new Chicago! Or will they “monitor” to ensure that no pesky identification, not even voter registration identification, is required?

Actually, this is more akin to teaching abstinence to the Octomom. Or having Ted Kennedy as your AA sponsor.

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