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TSA Follies: Part 4,657,346

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | January 31st, 2012

America’s favorite agency to hate (well, aside from the IRS) is at it again. Incompetence, criminal behavior and typical government union laziness make another appearance.

Exhibit I:

From the NY Post:

A burgeoning federal probe into allegedly lax security at Newark Airport has led to the suspension of eight workers for everything from stealing from passengers to sleeping on the job to even failing to screen luggage for potential bombs, The Post has learned.


Other workers are accused of failing to screen luggage and of stealing from passengers’ bags.

Only 8? Considering that there are more blue shirts in the average airport than there are spandexed groupies at a backstage Madonna party, you would think it would be closer to 80. I suppose the donut shop was closed at that time.

To quote a friend of mine “No wonder terrorists won’t fly, TSA agents will steal their bombs.”

Just reason #38,883 that I NEVER check my bags. Ever.

Exhibit II:

And just when you thought you had heard everything…

From CNN:

The incident at New York’s LaGuardia Airport began at 11:30 a.m. when a screener discovered unidentifiable items inside a passenger’s carry-on bag. The officer screened the item for explosives, determined them not to be a threat and cleared the passenger through the checkpoint, a Transportation Security Administration official said.

All well and good. Except for when the next crew showed up and thought it was a possible “explosive”.


The bomb squad removed the devices at 5:30 p.m. — six hours after they were taken from the passenger.

The devices were taken to a remote location for examination or disposal, one official said.

“We have still not been told what it was or what it was composed of,” Della Fave said.

Several law enforcement sources told CNN the objects were determined to be homeopathic medical devices.

Ok, so what is worse? The first agent leaving the pipes out in plain sight or the next crew’s agents playing bomb-squad and calling in the authorities hours later?

The Answer: What is worse that this agency, with nearly a decade of failure, incompetency, peodphiliac groping and cancer-causing scanning even exists at all.

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Second “Green” Firm Financed With “Stimulus” Money Invokes Massive Layoffs

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | January 30th, 2012

As one comment said, “Who saw this coming?”

Solyandra, Ener1 and now the newest addition to the Economic Reality Chopping Block. Amonix.

Today, Fast & Furious not only refers to the DOJ arming Mexican drug cartels with American guns and ammo, but now also can be safely applied to the way Obama’s New “Green” companies are falling over in waste, fraud and bankruptcy.

Even most Italian governments last longer than a “Stimulus” recipient.

From The Las Vegas Sun (Hat Tip: Human Events)

Just seven months after California-based solar power company Amonix Inc. opened its largest manufacturing plant, in North Las Vegas, the company’s contractor has laid off nearly two-thirds of its workforce.

Flextronics Industrial, the Singapore solar panel manufacturer that partnered with Amonix to staff the new $18 million, 214,000-square-foot plant, laid off about 200 of its 300-plus employees Tuesday.

Granted, only $5.9 million was given to Amonix, so it is still a bargain compared to the First Lady’s latest shopping spree.

Of more interest is that it appears that a good chunk of those laid off were not made aware that their jobs were only temporary.

The company scaled down at all levels of employment at the plant — which was hiring as recently as three months ago — from entry level assemblers, process engineers, production supervisors and quality-control techs, according to one employee who was laid off.

[…] Theodore Lewis, another employee, was working at the plant for six months before he and dozens of other employees were called into a mandatory meeting Tuesday.

“There was no excuse,” said Lewis, 34, who was never told his job was temporary. “They just said our job was done.”

And the Obama Jobs (To Overseas) Train just keeps on chugging. Right off the tracks.

Coleman: “You’re not going to repeal Obamacare”

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | January 25th, 2012

Well, this is, shall we say, “juicy” and with a good chance of going viral.

From Ricochet:

By Ben Domenech

Norm Coleman – the former senator from Minnesota and a prominent advisor for Mitt Romney – suggested over the weekend in an interview that no matter who the Republican nominee is, they are unlikely to fully repeal Obamacare.

“We’re not going to do repeal. You’re not going to repeal Obamacare… It’s not a total repeal… You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president… You can’t whole-cloth throw it out. But you can substantially change what’s been done.”

He goes on to say: “The Supreme Court first of all will have to deal with it. If you get rid of the individual mandate, then this whole thing may collapse.” Asked by the moderator whether this means other provisions will go away as well, Coleman says: “I don’t think they will go away, because I don’t think the Act works financially, it simply doesn’t work, if you have severability.” Coleman maintains that Republicans still “need to do health care reform” and suggests that he supports the approach put forward by Paul Ryan and Ron Wyden.

Coleman’s remarks are remarkable because every Republican candidate — including Romney — has vowed to make repealing the law a priority. Coleman is also the chairman of the American Action Network, which has urged the courts to strike down the law’s individual mandate and its Medicaid expansion.

While this is hardly earth-shattering news, for someone who is a senior advisor to the one who signed the disastrous RomneyCare bill and who himself could not even beat a certifiable public menace like Al Franken, by a large enough margin to overcome the Democrat margin-of-fraud, it has to be a bit off-putting to the Romney campaign to see him “spill the beans”.

I predicted nearly a year ago in one of my favorite forums that Romney was already toast and might well be gone from the primaries before they were concluded. It might be even sooner than that. Being the GOP Elite’s pick has a shorter shelf life than a Kardashian marriage nowadays.

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Georgia Judge Denies Obama Lawyer’s Quashing Motion Over Records

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | January 20th, 2012

With all of the hullabaloo over Mitt Romney’s “tax problems”, something far more important transpired in a Georgia court today.

As reported by The Post Email: (site appears to be down at the moment)

Atty. Orly Taitz informed The Post & Email moments ago that Georgia Administrative Hearings Judge Michael Malihi has denied Obama counsel’s request to quash subpoenas requesting original documentation of Obama’s birth, aliases and social security number application, school records, and other records.

Here is the text of order from Article II PAC (hat tip: Fellowship of the Minds)


Defendant, President Barack Obama, a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for the office of the President of the United States, has filed a motion to quash the subpoena compelling his attendance at the hearing on January 26, 2012. In support of his motion, Defendant argues that “if enforced, [the subpoena] requires him to interrupt duties as President of the United States” to attend a hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Defendant fails to provide any legal authority to support his motion to quash the subpoena to attend. Defendant’s motion suggests that no President should be compelled to attend a Court hearing. This may be correct. But Defendant has failed to enlighten the Court with any legal authority. Specifically, Defendant has failed to cite to any legal authority evidencing why his attendance is “unreasonable or oppressive, or that the testimony… [is] irrelevant, immaterial, or cumulative and unnecessary to a party’s preparation or presentation at the hearing, or that basic fairness dictates that the subpoena should not be enforced.” Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r. 616-1-2-.19(5). Defendant further alludes to a defect in service of the subpoena. However, the Court’s rules provide for service of a subpoena upon a party, by serving the party’s counsel of record. Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r. 616-1-2-.19(4). Thus, the argument regarding service is without merit.

Accordingly, Defendant’s motion to quash is denied.

SO ORDERED, this the 20th day of January, 2012.


Whether this will actually amount to more than a hill of paperwork, nobody really knows. But, it is good to see that there are some honorable people still in positions of power and will not gloss over what the propagandists dismiss as not worthy of coverage or call “kooky”.

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