2012 Candidate Spotlight: Daria Novak

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | August 8th, 2012

This is the first in a continuing series that will spotlight some of the lesser-known GOP candidates running for the House this election cycle.

When it comes to building or in this case, rebuilding a party or even a football team, one of the most important parts of doing is so is creating a foundation and a quality depth chart. One that supports those at the top, can step in when a crises occurs and is a solid contributor, on and off the political field.

Today, the focus is on the CT-2 House race, featuring Daria Novak who is running against GOP endorsed candidate, Paul Formica.

Ms. Novak is a rather unique candidate in today’s fractured and highly-suspicious climate of American politics. One who has tremendous political and policy experience, particularly in international affairs and crisis management during her tenure in the Reagan administration’s State Department. But also one who has assembled a formidable grassroots campaign that has strong Tea Party roots. Not the usual mix that has been the norm of “insurgent” candidates over the last three years.

As evidenced by her Issues page on her campaign site, she is dedicated to smaller government, lower taxes, more thorough border enforcement, true health care and education reform and is dedicated to the sanctity of life.

During her tenure with the Reagan Administration, she received a Superior Honor Award (which is the highest award that is given by the State Department) for her involvement in saving American lives in Haiti during the fall of Haitian President “Baby Doc” Duvalier back in 1986. She also received a Meritorious Honor Award for her work on the August 1982 U.S.-China Joint Communiqué, a bulwark work that is a beachead of U.S./China relations.

An experienced business owner, Ms. Novak is the Founder and the former President of ERUdyne, LLC. An international cross-cultural, business management training and consulting firm, located in her home state of Connecticut.

With strong policy experience, a business ownership background and strong local Tea Party support, A Small Corner of Sanity proudly endorses Daria Novak for the GOP nomination in CT-2.

To learn more or make a donation to the campaign, go to novakforcongress.com

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6 Responses to “2012 Candidate Spotlight: Daria Novak”

  1. Funny how this article makes no mention of how Daria Novak does not own any property in the district and still lives with her mother as a result of a messy divorce.

  2. Daria Novak has drawn a distinct difference between herself and her opponent. During a recent forum, a question was posed (from a young military guy)to both candidates. The question was “Outside of the Middle East, where do you see our greatest threat, and why?” From her vast knowledge and state department experience, Ms. Novak gave a detailed, in depth answer and backed it up with clear reasoning.
    Her opponent actually answered…Iran…???? Apparently he did not even know Iran is IN the Middle East???!!! Astonishing!! I guess he didn’t have time to come up to speed being that he dropped into this race only 5 days ahead of the Republican Convention…Enough nonsense!!!
    CT 2 needs someone of honest integrity, true grit, and has a backbone of steel. Daria Novak IS that candidate!! She is quite refreshing as a citizen politician unlike her opponent who is a local only, nice guy, career politician. Go Daria!!!

  3. Whether Ms. Novak owns land or not has no effect on my pocketbook, but her votes on reducing federal taxes and spending very well could.

    Whether Ms. Novak lives with her mother or not has no effect on where I live, but her votes on such things as more taxpayer-funded bank bailouts and mortgage deductions very well could.

    Whether Ms. Novak went through a messy divorce has no effect on my personal life, nor will it have any effect on yours.

    If you are so worried about tiresome personal minutiae, you might want to focus on such things as how the Pelosis looked to exempt the minimum wage hike, that was passed under her leadership, from the workers of Starkist in American Somoa, of which the Pelosis own more than a half interest in. Not to mention how they have prohibited the workers on their vast vineyards in CA from unionizing. Or Harry Reid using SEIU “technicians” to rig the 2010 NV Senate election. Or the freak show that is the current administration. Those things have far more of an impact on you and me than the current address of someone running for public office.

  4. As the campaign manager and sister for Daria Novak, I am writing to correct misinformation from “Mike.”
    Daria lives in a house with her two children that she owns jointly with her ex-husband. Our mother lives with me in another location.

    Thank you NosferatusCoffin for this endorsement and for pointing out the irrelevance of the comments. Since they were made to discredit Daria, I wanted to set the record straight.

  5. Mike’s comment says more about him than it does about Daria. People of his ilk have to resort to personal attacks, usually false, because they have nothing important to say. Good luck, Daria.
    I’m getting the word out in our town.

  6. The State Gop in CT is so out of touch with reality in this state as is evidenced by Mike, an obvious Party Drome, who cannot get his facts straight and yet speaks with such authority that those who will not think for themselves will readily fall behind and take his advice as law.
    In 2010 the State GOP did the same thing to Daria because she is not a party drone who merely does the Parties bidding. The GOP with help from guys like Munster and Nichols, founders of “Grassroots East” a totally out of touch with reality oranization that promtes the good ole GOP agenda and tries to immitate TEA Party Constitutional Patriotism had the REAL answer for a candidate. These Good ole boys and the State GOP in their infinite wisdom put forth Janet Peckinpaugh as THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO COULD WIN THE ELECTION. She lost TWICE, once for the congressional seat and then a second time when they would not allow me to run again in a special election where my opponent, a 5 term incumbant, had received an appointment. I had lost by 2% and had spent less than $700 on my six month campaign, receiving no help from the Party except their admonition to take the CEP money and spend like crazy. Because I would not spend 25k on a three week campaign the Party in its infinite wisdom refused to let me run because they had JANET PECKINPAUGH, THE ONLY ELECTABLE CANDIDATE. Neddless to say she lost and has not been heard from since.
    The Leadership of the GOP and their DEEP Pocket supporters control who gets to run for office in this state and need to be shut down.
    Daria Novak is the candidate to support but she runs against the machine. Hopefully the TEA Party will come through and get her past the Primary.

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