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DISCLOSE Act – Part II: Snowe is No.

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 23rd, 2010

It looks like Olympia Snowe has Muttlied Senate Majority Leader Harry “Dick Dastardly” Reid.

The first cloture vote on the DISCLOSE (aka Democrat Duct Tape Act, aka Sit Down and Shut Up Unless You Are a Union Boss and Give Me Gobs of Campaign Money) Act failed on a 57-41 vote.

So, after digging it back up from it’s well-deserved grave, Zoloft Harry then tried to make a last-minute appeal to one of the Maine Twins, (that being Snowe, since I assume Collins was at the hair dresser’s shop) but seems to have failed miserably. As usual.

Via Michelle Malkin:

GOP Leader McConnell assailed the “pure politics” of this election-year stunt. “After a year and a half of passing things Americans don’t like, the Democrats want to silence voices of critics.”

Sen. Schumer yammered on about “transparency” while ignoring all the loopholes carved out for special interests, then proposed changes on the Senate floor to the bill to win over Sen. Snowe…after having drafted the bill behind closed doors with lobbyists.

We shall see if Harry tries a trifecta of failure.

Cloture vote fails by 59-39.

Folks, this is why we need to get Christine O’Donnell elected, since she will be sworn in immediately and that will be one more vote for Zoloft Harry to have to dig up.

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Barney Frank in Trouble?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 22nd, 2010

As I have said numerous times, no congressional seat is safe in this year’s charged atmosphere. And here is some more proof.

According to an OnMessage poll, (granted this is with a very small sample size of 400), Frank has now fallen below 50% in terms of support.

As any pollster will tell you, any incumbent who falls below that 50% threshold is considered “vulnerable”.

From Sean Bielat’s campaign site:

“Today, Sean Bielat, candidate for Massachusetts’ Fourth Congressional District, released the details of a survey that shows support for Barney Frank in the district has dipped below 50% in the head-to-head contest with Bielat. According to the poll, Frank leads Bielat by just ten points, with 48% favoring Frank and 38% supporting Bielat. Those who are undecided make up 13% of the poll. Notably, Independents support Bielat over Frank by the wide margin of 51% to 34%.”

And once again, we see the indie vote falling heavily towards the GOP candidate. While the indie vote gets way too much credit when it comes to polling, the indie votes are generally far more important for the Dem candidate then the GOP candidate. When the GOP candidate espouses solid conservative ideals and policy issues, that is generally sufficient to get their base energized and out ot the voting booth. However, when the indie vote also comes out strong for the GOP candidite, that usually makes a slam dunk Dem race one that is suddenly competitive.

The wave continues…

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Democrat Men and Their Obsession With Conservative Women’s Private Parts

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 16th, 2010

You know, for all the much deserved rap, criticism and scorn that was heaped upon Bill Clinton in regards to his disgusting treatment of women, (wife and non-wife alike) over the years, you really cannot say that he was acting any different then most Democratic men. At least those who have unfortunately acquired power in America’s political/media structure. (I do not separate those two words with an “and”, since they are one and the same)

Just as a gaggle of creepy Lefty man, led by the likes of the equally creepy looking Alan Colmes, did all they could to get in between Sarah Palin’s unmentionables (re: Trig and boob size), they are now massively concerned about something that GOP Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell said many moons ago about of all things, masturbation. (Speaking of Clinton, is there any chance we can get our old favorite Surgeon General, Jocelyn Elders to comment on this?)

Now, led by our favorite Serpent Head, James Carville, the grey, trenchcoat-wearing flashers are back on the corner of the block, hoping to scare old ladies and Deleware voters alike with such things as:

“She is a very fiscal conservative, she doesn’t believe in paying the bills, and she equated masturbation to adultery. If that is the case the Iranians would be stoning a lot of people in this country, I’ll tell you that,” he added.

(Thanks to Legal Insurrection for the images)

Doug Powers gets it right, as always:

It’s nice to see the Democrats finally concerned about government intrusion — it’s just too bad somebody had to threaten to confiscate their Jergens to do it.

That aside, come on, James — think of how much money would be spared in the Obamacare budget due to the eradication of carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Now, who would lay me $50 that Mary Jo Kopechne and Juanita Brodderick would vote for any of these creeps?

Something Smelly in the Works? Castle Talks with Obama and Biden.

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 16th, 2010

Well, this song and dance is starting to get a little old.

Really, really old.

First Crist in Florida.

Then Murkowski in Alaska.

Now the Obama of RINOs, the geriatric Michael Castle.

Is Castle going to run as an independent and use the new Democrat Party (if it can be called that) logo? If he does, he might get one vote, from a NEA artist, that is.

From Michelle Malkin’s Facebook page and site:

It’s been 24 hours since Delaware GOP Senate primary winner Christine O’Donnell dethroned nine-term Soros Republican incumbent Mike Castle. As of tonight, he still hadn’t placed an obligatory call to congratulate her — and his e-mail to supporters doesn’t mention her at all, according to the Delaware News Journal.

Now that the Master Plan of handing over the Castle seat to Beau Biden has gone up in flames, it shall be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Something tells me that a lot of purple shirts and ACORNS are going to be falling from the Donkey Tree pretty soon.

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Congratulations, Christine O’Donnell. The Deleware GOP Senate Nominee.

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 14th, 2010

FOX News has called the DE GOP primary and Christine O’Donnell has handily defeated long serving RINO, Michael Castle.

With 86% of the vote in:

O’Donnell , Christine – 27,674 – 54%
Castle , Michael – 23,874 – 46%

And The Great Cleansing keeps on chugging along…

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Early Returns: O’Donnell Leads by Double Digits

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 14th, 2010

So far, so good.

With 37% of the vote in:

O’Donnell , Christine – 11,659 – 55%
Castle , Michael – 9,369 – 45%

Keep track of the race at FOX News.

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