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EMP: The Ultimate Terrorist Attack?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | July 29th, 2008

As the Tokyo Roses of the so-called MSM continue having wet dreams and tingly legs over OBurkha Hussien’s visit, a very sobering and important hearing was just held over the last few days over at the House Armed Services Committee and in remarks to a private conference on missile defense over the weekend hosted by the Claremont Institute. Dr. William Graham of the chair of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack had some chilling and quite startling remarks when it came to the nuclear threat from Iran.

From Ken Timmerman’s excellent column today on NewsMax:

U.S. Intel: Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S.

The commission warned in a report issued in April that the United States was at risk of a sneak nuclear attack by a rogue nation or a terrorist group designed to take out our nation’s critical infrastructure.

“If even a crude nuclear weapon were detonated anywhere between 40 kilometers to 400 kilometers above the earth, in a split-second it would generate an electro-magnetic pulse [EMP] that would cripple military and civilian communications, power, transportation, water, food, and other infrastructure,” the report warned.

While not causing immediate civilian casualties, the near-term impact on U.S. society would dwarf the damage of a direct nuclear strike on a U.S. city.

“The first indication [of such an attack] would be that the power would go out, and some, but not all, the telecommunications would go out. We would not physically feel anything in our bodies.” Graham said.

As electric power, water and gas delivery systems failed, there would be “truly massive traffic jams” Graham added, since modern automobiles and signaling systems all depend on sophisticated electronics that would be disabled by the EMP wave.

“So you would be walking. You wouldn’t be driving at that point,” Graham said. “And it wouldn’t do any good to call the maintenance or repair people because they wouldn’t be able to get there, even if you could get through to them.”

The food distribution system also would grind to a halt as cold-storage warehouses stockpiling perishables went offline. Even warehouses equipped with backup diesel generators would fail, because “we wouldn’t be able to pump the fuel into the trucks and get the trucks to the warehouses” Graham said.

The United States “would quickly revert to an early 19th century type of country.” except that we would have 10 times as many people with ten times fewer resources, he said.

I would highly recommending reading the full story at the link provided as there is a lot more to the story than what is just quoted above. Though that in of itself is reason enough to do so.

While this discussion and policy initiatives about such a scenario are not all that new, it just goes to show how vulnerable this country is to such an attack. Mainly thanks to long-time Leftists/Marxist/Appeasers that have longed infested the Donkey Party for decades. Through whose policies have prevented this country from deploying a full system of true air, sea and space based missile defense systems. And whose presumed Presidential nominee is not only among the most radical anti-defense politicos ever, but who associations with many people who are very chummy with Islamofascists speaks volumes.

Many speak of OBurkha being the second term of Jimmy Carter. Well, Carter directly gave the world the Iranian situation that we have been battling with for nearly 30 years. At the cost of many lives, both American and foreign. Military and civilian. And while OBurkha is an extreme danger for this country from a economic and social perspective, the damage he could do from a foreign policy standpoint is almost too much to fathom. It could literally take 50 years to overcome it, if it ever could be overcome.

Considering it has been already been a quarter-century since President Reagan issued the challenge of a missile defense system to be built and the fact that it is 2008 and very little of it has been deployed and that this nation is in such a situation to begin with, shows just what criminally, neglectful disgusting pieces of horseshit the Donkey Party has become. I truly spit in their faces and wish them all the worst.

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Breaking…Oil is a Hoax: Comes from Santa Claus after all

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | July 10th, 2008

Well, since Madame Sucker has proclaimed that drilling for oil is “hoax”, I suppose we will have to exhume Jed Clampett, clone his DNA at warp speed and arm said clones with Civil-Era rifles (at least the SCOTUS kept 2nd Amendment alive for another year) and have them start shooting at the ground with all of the accuracy of an Iranian nuclear engineer.

Source : The Hill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday shut the door on expanding oil and gas drilling beyond areas that have already been approved for energy exploration, drawing a clear distinction from her counterparts in charge of the Senate.

-“This call for drilling in areas that are protected is a hoax, it’s an absolute hoax on the part of the Republicans and this administration” Pelosi said at her weekly press conference. -“It’s a decoy to punt your attention away from the fact that their policies have produced $4-a-gallon gasoline.”

Pelosi’s stand may put her at odds with a growing number of members of the Democratic Caucus who have been moving toward possible compromises with Republicans on ways to expand domestic energy production.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday told reporters that expanded offshore drilling is not off the table, and that Democrats will take a look at whether states should be able to choose to drill off their coasts. -“I’m not knee-jerk-opposed to anything,” Reid said.

Since we cannot drill, explore, refine or transport, I suggest that we at least follow what oil companies do when a well is no longer of use and apply it Madame Sucker as well. That is, cap it. With Gorilla Glue.

America in 20 years if the EnviroMarxists have their way…(Look way north)

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