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Dems Divide Debacle?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | March 21st, 2008

Looks like the bloodbath between Hill and Barack “I hear nothing” Obama might spill over to help McCain pick up some votes.

From CNSNews

The lengthy Democratic primary contest bodes well for Republican chances of holding the White House, a new poll suggests.

As Democratic Senators Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Clinton of New York slug it out for the nomination, many of their supporters — at least in Pennsylvania, site of the next major primary — aren’t committed to the party’s ticket in November, according to a Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

Among Obama supporters, 20 percent said they would vote for Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the Republican nominee, if Clinton beats their candidate for the nomination. Among Clinton supporters, 19 percent said they would support McCain in November if Obama is the Democratic nominee

Poll is here.

While McCain has always been expected to get a fair amount of moderates, independents and some Dems, that number increase as the bloodletting between the two Dems shows no sign of abating. The “Aunt Jerimiah” scandal does not help either, since even though the MSM handmaidens are having orgasms over Barack’s anti-MLK speech, you can bet that good percentage of white voters who have come aboard Obama’s train over the last 6 months will be punching their tickets for the caboose and jump overboard like rats on a ship.

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Another insult to my birthday

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | March 13th, 2008

Boy, how many shots can May 1st take?

First of all, it is the Russian Labor Day. (We know how well the past and now present Soviets treated their workers over the years).

Not to mention, it is also Lawyer’s Day. (Not to tar all lawyers, but the main reason the FISA bill is being help up is that Dems would rather line their pockets with TLA money then lift a finger to prevent another attack on this country).

Now, here we go again with the illegals and their moonbat “protests”. Which is actually the closest thing to gang “convention” that you will ever find. These gatherings remind of when I lived back home in the DC/NVA area and it was overrun with (mostly illegal) Lations in the early 90’s and there would be 100+ of them loitering in the parking lot of the apartment complex I lived in. The only difference here is that were no media cameras and probably cheaper beer bottles lying in the grass.

With all of this, I might as well go to the local government and have them say I was not born on May 1. Maybe Halloween would be appropriate given this tangled web of chaos.

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Neck and Neck and just a little stuffing on the side…

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | March 3rd, 2008

Well, 24 hours before the polls close in tomorrow’s Baby Super Tuesday and things look pretty darn close. Although, Hill has re-opened up a bit of a lead in the Ohio polls according to Rasmussen:

For most of the past two weeks, Clinton had been stuck at the 47% to 48% level of support in Ohio while Obama steadily improved his standing from 38% right after the Wisconsin Primary to 45% last Thursday night. In that Thursday poll, Obama had pulled to within two points of Clinton. This is the first Rasmussen Reports election poll to show Clinton expanding her lead.

If Clinton wins a solid victory in Ohio on Tuesday, that might be enough to keep her from dropping out of the race. While most analysts say she needs to win both Ohio and Texas to have a shot at the nomination, the Clinton camp has recently given some indications that it might stay with a win in the Buckeye State and a close finish in Texas.

In Ohio, Clinton now leads by seventeen points among women while trailing by ten among men. Clinton leads among voters 40 and older while Obama has the advantage with younger voters. Clinton does better with workers earning less than $60,000 a year while Obama does better among those with higher incomes. The two candidates are essentially tied among liberals while Clinton has a significant lead (57% to 39%) among politically moderate voters.

The big thing here is she has a solid lead among women and not just older women. (Though the poll does not break those women by age). This a huge turnaround from the last dozen or so states, where her supposedly iron-clad hold on the Dem women’s vote had been totally turned upside down by Obama. As expected, she is doing well among the less affluent and the senior vote, while Obama continues to do well with younger voters.

Matt Lewis has an interesting blog entry today over at that makes some good, if a little convoluted arguments that Hillary is the tougher candidate for McCain to beat. Frankly, one of Obama’s so-called strengths is also one of his biggest weaknesses. That being that he is getting a lot of support from the younger voters. While that is fine and all, that is the by far the most unreliable demographic as actually going to the polls and voting in the general election. Hillary’s solid support from the senior citizen vote is crucial, since that demographic votes in higher percentages then any other. Especially on the Democrat side.

In Texas, it is basically too close to call as Obama has but a 1% lead in the latest Rasmussen Reports Poll:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, conducted Sunday, finds Barack Obama with a statistically insignificant one-point lead over Hillary Clinton. It’s Obama 48% Clinton 47%. Five percent (5%) are undecided and 6% say they could still change their mind.

These results show the race has gotten a bit closer in the past few days. Last week, Obama enjoyed a four-point lead and the Illinois Senator had been gaining ground steadily for two weeks. Now, it appears that Clinton has at least temporarily halted Obama’s momentum. It remains to be seen whether she car reverse it.

A similar pattern was found in Ohio. However, in the Buckeye State, Clinton never lost the lead and she now has a six-point advantage.

In Texas, most of Clinton’s rebound can be attributed to regaining solid support from Latino voters. The previous two polls showed Clinton ahead in this critical constituency, but with declining margins.

Clinton leads among voters over 40 and does especially well among those over 65. She also would like to see a big turnout from white women and Latino voters.

Again, Hill has the senior vote and her support among Lations seems stronger and growing. For all of Obama’s gains in the last few weeks, there seems to be a pattern over the last week or so of his tide starting to crest. I think there is a pretty decent chance that Hill wins both states tomorrow and if that is the case, then it is Katy-bar-the-door. As it stands, there are not enough delegates for either one of them to reach the magic number. That will probably portend a brokered convention and since we are dealing with the Clintons on one hand and the OBombUs, Daily-Kos type of escaped mental patients on the other, anything can and probably will happen.

This is all too delicious. Although I do wish that Steinem (who most people probably thought died year ago, along with her bra) would keep her moldy trap shut, as remarks like that do Hill no favors.

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