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The Devil is in the details…

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 26th, 2008

Looks like for Obama, those holy robes that he has been wearing lately (in the media’s eye, that is) are starting to get a few month holes in them.

As first reported on Right Wing Nuthouse and reported this evening on The Great One’s show, what has been uncovered and brought to light by (as usual) the UK Times, it seems that we have here a scandal that makes Whitewater’s costs and profits look like a penny ante game and whose complexity is akin to a blind man trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Nevermind the fact that this very much exposes Obama as the typical Chicago Machine politician, but benefiting from and having dealings with an old pal of Saddam’s via a Daley-bot shows that Feinstein is not the only war profiteer bobbing around the Dem party.

And if that was not enough, the IRS is quite interested in Obama’s United Church of Christ.

I think the halo may have just broken over Obama’s head…

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Funeral for a Friend (Enemy)?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 26th, 2008

Michelle Malkin wraps up the latest (and maybe last?) debate between Jesse Christ and The Bride of Satan. I myself did not watch it, as I 1) had more important things to do (like getting rid of the spammers on the Sanity forum) and 2) I already have a headache tonight and did not need it to blow up into a full migraine by watching Pete and RePete kick sand in each other’s faces on the Soros-sponsored MSLSD network. I am sure I am but one among billions within our solar ssytem that felt the same way.

Some highlights from the always entertaining Michelle:

9:06pm Eastern. Williams starts right off contrasting video clips of Hillary -“honored” soundbite from the last soundbite and her screechy -“Meet me in Ohio” threat from the campaign trail.

She stiffly talks about their differences, whines about some Obama campaign flyer, and segues right into-¦her health care mandate attack. -“We should have a good debate with accurate information-¦”

9:08pm Eastern. Williams asks about the African garb photo. Did it come from her camp?

-“So far as I know, it did not. I know nothing about it. That’s not the kind of behavior that I condone or expect from the people working in my campaign.”

She looks bitter, tired, angry.

9:10pm Eastern. Obama defends his criticism of Hillarycare-¦Hillary attacks Obamacare.

Hey, did I call this or what? Not that it wasn’t as predictable as the sunrise or the sunset-¦

By the way: They look like they really, really HATE each other.

Individual mandate, children covered, not adults, blahblahblah.

Bitter. Tired. Angry. Sounds like a typically normal day for The Bride. And to (MST3K) quote the frumpy mother from the flick “The Space Children”, “What else can I hate today?!”

10:10pm Eastern. Obama distances himself from Farrakhan. I can’t say to somebody that he can’t say that I’m a good guy-¦I’ve consistently denounced it.

Russert cites Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor. Wright praised Farrakhan. What do you do to assure Jewish Americans that-¦you are consistent with issues regarding Israel?

-“Tim, I have some of the strongest support from the Jewish community in my hometown of Chicago-¦I have been a stalwart friend of Israel-¦”

Hillary’s thinking: Is this a debate? I want a question! I want a question!

Between Jesse Christ palling around with a Black Supremacist who is a fellow spiritual traveler of Calypso Louie and also seems to have a fondness for turbans, what would you think Jewish voters would think? Since he does not want to wear the US flag on lapel, maybe a crescent moon pendant would be more agreeable to him. (And probably more accurate).

10:23pm Eastern. Russert asks Clinton about Putin’s successor. -“He’s a hand-picked successor. Very little independence. So-called leading oppo figure spends most of his time praising Putin. Clever but transparent way of Putin holding on to power.

Clinton gets an -“A” for preparedness. This would have been a better question to ask Obama.

Russert tries to stump her: Do you know his name?

Clinton: Uh-¦Medve-”

Russert: -“Medvedev.

Clinton: -“Medvedev. Whatever.”


I am sure Putin and his puppet are laughing too. All the way to bank.

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Romney to jump back in race?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 26th, 2008

According to this just breaking from Newsmax, it is not out of the question:

Mitt Romney is down, but he might not be out.

Romney suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination after a disappointing showing on Super Tuesday, and has endorsed John McCain for the GOP nod.

But Romney’s son Josh says it’s -“possible” his father might rejoin the race as a candidate for vice president or for president if McCain’s campaign stalls.

Romney hasn’t commented publicly about a recent New York Times article that implied McCain had an improper relationship with a female lobbyist.

Interesting. But also dangerous if this is credible. The last thing the GOP needs at this point is to have a convention as chaotic as the Democratic promises to be. Not to mention, conservatives are starting to get used to pinching their noses, especially when seeing the alternatives on the Jackass side.

Plus with Corvair Ralph in the race, some of the EnviroMarxist vote will be peeled away from whoever wins the Dem nomination.

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McCain and the NYT – Less “there” than a Obama Speech

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 22nd, 2008

Seems like even a lot of other liberal MSM outlets aren’t buying the Official Bird-Cage-Liner’s story on McCain’s “so-called”,”alleged”, “maybe” and “possible” affair and cozying up to Ms. Femme Fatale Lobbyist. And “alleged” is the key word here, just like “hope” and “change” are seemingly the only words in Obama’s vocabulary. (Well, that and “someone just fainted”).

I could allegedly put a steak in front of Roseanne Barr and tell her to sit, but that does not make it true, even if I attempted such a dangerous act.

Also, in a potentially ironic twist of fate, it looks like McCain could be hosed by his own ill-conceived assault on the 1st Amendment.

Snippet from the Washington Post article:

The nation’s top federal election official told Sen. John McCain yesterday that he cannot immediately withdraw from the presidential public financing system as he had requested, a decision that threatens to dramatically restrict his spending until the general election campaign begins in the fall.

The prospect of being financially hamstrung by the very fundraising system he helped create is the latest in a series of bitter challenges for the presumed GOP nominee, who still faces a fractured conservative coalition as he assumes the mantle of party leadership.

Later in the story:

Within hours of the article’s publication, McCain sought to turn it to his advantage, sending out a fundraising appeal decrying the -“baseless attacks” and urging contributions. -“With your immediate help today, we’ll be able to respond and defend our nominee from the liberal attack machine,” McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, said in an e-mail.

But McCain’s attempts to build up his campaign coffers before a general election contest appeared to be threatened by the stern warning yesterday from Federal Election Commission Chairman David M. Mason, a Republican. Mason notified McCain that the commission had not granted his Feb. 6 request to withdraw from the presidential public financing system.

The implications of that could be dramatic. Last year, when McCain’s campaign was starved for cash, he applied to join the financing system to gain access to millions of dollars in federal matching money. He was also permitted to use his FEC certification to bypass the time-consuming process of gathering signatures to get his name on the ballot in several states, including Ohio.

By signing up for matching money, McCain agreed to adhere to strict state-by-state spending limits and an overall limit on spending of $54 million for the primary season, which lasts until the party’s nominating convention in September. The general election has a separate public financing arrangement.

But after McCain won a series of early contests and the campaign found its financial footing, his lawyer wrote to the FEC requesting to back out of the program -” which is permitted for candidates who have not yet received any federal money and who have not used the promise of federal funding as collateral for borrowing money.

Later in the story:

If the FEC refuses McCain’s request to leave the system, his campaign could be bound by a potentially debilitating spending limit until he formally accepts his party’s nomination. His campaign has already spent $49 million, federal reports show. Knowingly violating the spending limit is a criminal offense that could put McCain at risk of stiff fines and up to five years in prison.

Karma is a b****.

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Hillary deep in the red

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 21st, 2008

Looks like Hill is in, to quote Bush, Sr., “deep doo-doo” when it comes to finances. Meanwhile, His Hole-in-the-Soulieness continues to rack up record donations at a clip faster than Rosie O”Donnell chasing a Good Humor truck.

From The Politico:

Hillary Clinton ended January with $7.6 million in debt -” not including the $5 million personal loan she gave to her campaign in the run-up to the critical Super Tuesday elections, according to financial reports released Wednesday.

In contrast, Democratic rival Barack Obama’s campaign’s finances continued to be robust.

He reported raising nearly $37 million and spending nearly $31 million. His cash balance was $25 million, of which roughly $20 million can be spent on the primary. He reported a comparatively small $1 million in debts, owed largely to just three vendors.

The January monthly financial disclosure reports glimpse a behind-the-scenes imbalance that has had a significant impact on the primary contest -” one that continues in the days leading up to the critical March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio.

Looks like Hill needs to pimp herself out (sorry for that image!) and Bill needs to get onto the phone with the ChiComs and set his cell to auto-dial for Charlie Trie and the Riady family’s number. This is like a game of Monopoly where Obama owns both Park Place and Boardwalk in addition to all of the railroads and utilities. Poor Hillary only owns Mediterranean Avenue & Baltic Avenue.

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Murtha to be challenged by Lt. Col. William Russell

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 18th, 2008

In another attempt to capture the seat of John “Pork is my middle name” Murtha (D-Pa 12th District) , Lt. Col. and 9/11 Pentagon survivor Will Russell will challenge the 18-term congressman from Western Pennsylvania. Lt. Co. Russell is an 18 year veteran of the Army and Army Reserves until last August 31, when he left active reserve duty to move to Pa and challenge Murtha. You can visit his official campaign website here.

A snippet from his site:

I grew up in the shadow of the US defeat in Vietnam. On an intellectual level, I have long understood that a war may be lost politically, in spite of military victories. But seeing those Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen who have given so much to this nation, both enraged and saddened me. It also forced me to recognize that the United States is now engaged in a great political battle to determine whether this nation, founded in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, can maintain the political resolve in its fight against a totalitarian political system, cloaked in religion, which is dedicated to the destruction of our liberty. I believe I must stand up and make a difference in this fight and not wait for two more years until I retire.

Congressman Murtha’s actions have done more to lead us toward political defeat in this war than the enemy could ever hope to accomplish by their own devices. His calls for withdrawal of our forces and limiting the authority of the Commander-in-Chief in executing this war, plays directly into the hands of our enemy. He is undermining our Soldiers in the fight and encourages the enemy to kill or maim a few more of our Soldiers and kill large numbers of Iraqi civilians on a weekly basis. The Islamic extremists, just like the communists in Vietnam, see his weakness of political resolve as the reason to keep fighting in spite of their military losses. He must be replaced with a candidate who understands the importance of an integrated political, military, and economic strategy that does not pit political ends against military and economic, but synchronizes and orchestrates them with the recognition of the imperative to achieve the victory that this war demands for the safety of our children and grandchildren.

Here is a true American hero. Of the type that this country and most particularly our Congress desperately needs. John Murtha is long-time porker, corrupt to the core and has betrayed our brave military men and women with his both his irresponsible calls for American troop withdrawal from Iraq before the mission is completed and also for his totally outrageous and libelous claims against several Marines in Haditha.

Just as liberal GOPers like Wayne Gilchest dillute the Republican Party and need to be removed from office, so must traitorous and disgraceful members like Murtha be tossed from office so that this country and it’s military are able to the job that they were tasked to do.

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McCain’s Tale of Two Bushes…and Hillary

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | February 18th, 2008

Sorry for the rather racy title, but it was hard to resist.

Anyway, it would appear that McCain is trying to keep some distance between himself and Bush 43. Though, Bush 41 is alright in his book.

As for the other side of the fence, it would seem that McCain still has a thing for Hillary, basically repeating what he had said earlier that Her Not-So-Inevtiableness would “be a good President”. And now he has upped the ante, saying that she has -“good character, honesty, integrity“.

A couple of examples from the transcript. (Keep the barf bag nearby):

STEPHANOPOULOS: Back in 2005, you said, -“I have no doubt that Sen. [Hillary] Clinton would make a good president.”

MCCAIN: Well, look, here’s -” Sen. Clinton and I are sitting next to each other, and we’re asked, -“Would she,” quote, -“be a good president?” She would be a good president in the respect that I think she has integrity, I think she has all of the qualities that are necessary, but she has a very different philosophical view, the liberal Democratic view, than I have, which is conservative Republican.

So when you say -“good,” she’s a good person. But we have strong differences in our views of government. I think she is a very good person. I think that Sen. [Barack] Obama is a good person.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But not good presidents?

MCCAIN: They certainly wouldn’t make the kind of president that I would be or I wouldn’t be running. You see my point? It’s not a, quote, -“good.” I think they would work hard. I think they would be dedicated to the things that they believe in and stand for. I just have different fundamental philosophical views than they do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But it sounds like you wouldn’t say the same thing today?

MCCAIN: I would say that they would be good in the respect they’re people of good character, honesty, integrity, when you look at that. Would they be good from a governing standpoint? Certainly not what I would do for this country.

Looks like McCain’s Political MRE’s have been spiked with Clinton Kool-Ade. It is one thing to work with and “reach across the aisle” when in the Senate. But to compound his statement from two years ago by saying that she has -“good character, honesty, integrity”? That is same as saying that Teddy Kennedy would be a good AA sponsor. Blech!

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