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Obama and the Dumb Voter/Celebrity Culture

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | December 3rd, 2006

Interesting column, if rather heavy on the Kool-Ade. While this guy claims all of his Osama…err…Obama predictions have been on target, it is hard to take Obama seriously. He is a lightweight like Edwards and also has a very leftist voting record, especially on abortion and “gay rights”. That, in of itself should help mobilize key parts of Christian Right.

Of course, there are a few things to always consider when it comes to these types of things:

1. Reagan Redux:
The GOP needs to nominate someone who is a true conservative, holds and acts on those values and most importantly articulates them on a constant basis. One who champions freedom, the individual, this country’s borders and it’s soverignity. One who sees the government and our present tax system as the greatest threat to our domsetic life. Not a “compassionite conservative” which is a code word for big government and trying to make nice with people who would rather stone you, if it was legal.

At the present, I do not see one of those people on the horizon. However, there is time for one to emerge.

2. The Dumb Voter/Celebrity Culture:
Seeing that according to the Neilson ratings, that more Americans watch shows like “Entertainment Tonight” then even the network evening news and that inane “reality” shows constantly score high in the ratings as well, this is something that needs to be kept in mind as Obama starts his Presidential Rock Star Tour. For it will garner more coverage than any other made-up media event since Michael Jackson and his Jesus-Juicing young boys who visited his Freak Ranch.

These people care more about who last impregnated Britney Spears than about the fact that we are in a world war with Islamic fanatics who want us dead or worse. (Wearing burqas and/or a 1950’s version of Pampers on my head is not my idea of Paraside). Seeing that these people are eligible to vote, (and in the case of the Dems, many times over depending on the precinct), that is a reason for major worry. As Boortz says, one major problem with our electoral process is that there are [i]way[/i] too many people eligible to vote who have no business being within 100 miles of a voting booth. (And this assumes they can a) read and b) can write their own name and c) use a paper ballot or a touch-screen).

Never underestimate the amount of these type of people that will be in voting booths come November 2008, especially if it is a very tight race.

3. The Surprise Factor:
This has worked in the Dem’s favor in the past, but actually might work against them this time. While Carter and Clinton were basically unknowns barely a year before the elections they won, they were able to gain momentum and maintain it long enough to carry them over the top. One thing that helped them was there was less a year of national campaigning and so less chance for 1) totally blundering and 2) having their voting records and core beliefs examined in close detail.

With Obama, the double-edged sword is that while we have 1000 times more media saturation then we did back in 1976 or even 1992, and since that helps him gain exposure and become a household word in a hurry (and name recognition is huge when campaigning and fundraising) it also offers critics and fence-sitters a lot more time to examine him in detail. And I think that will very much be his undoing. Assuming of course, the Clinton Smear Machine does get to him first. No one crosses The Bride of Satan and her lust for power and emerges unscathed.

Seeing that we are only at the end of 2006 and Osama is now the flavor of the week for the Mediacrats, his star could be burned out come the opening primaries in 2008.

This shall be interesting 23 months.

Why it will be ‘President Obama’ in 2009
By Kevin McCullough
Sunday, December 3, 2006

Barring several series of near seizure-like corrections, Barack Obama will take the Presidential oath of office in January of 2009. It will be a cold January morning, his beautiful wife and daughters will be by his side and they will shiver as he places his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the Constitution of the
United States . His presidency that will follow, if reflective of anything at all of his legislative record, will then seek to dismantle that same Constitution.

I have a long track record of predictions on Obama, and all of them have come true. I have no reason to believe that this one will conclude any differently.

There are reasons that this event is destined to take place, and given the option of knowing them but remaining silent or mentioning them in the hope that the scene I’ve just mentioned never comes to path – I choose the latter. If any of these were to take significant turns, the formula might collapse. This is given the fact that the nation will be in a holding pattern for the next two years with absolute gridlock on pretty much everything (with the possible exception of amnesty for illegal aliens.)

RAGING LIBERALS – In 2006 the message of the voters was not Ned Lamont. Rather it was the ”
Crash Dummy Class of ’06. ” Democrats who looked, and tried to talk like people of faith – at least long enough to get elected. George Soros, the Daily Kos, Al Gore, Susan Sarandon, and not to be forgotten Howard Dean, have made their go at it. They failed. But since their party won the midterms – they believe they’ve been justified. Their anti-American rhetoric will increase. They will express dissatisfaction with Pelosi/Reid and demand an increased presence in the 2008 picture. The democratic primary voter will reject this increased extremism and look for a “consensus builder.” They will long for someone who is “above the Frey.” Obama will fit that profile and will bring “together” the left and right in his own party. He will do it with a sense of style, smoothness, and humor – a stark contrast to Hillary, Gore, Kerry, et al.

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