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The Oprahization of the US is now complete

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | November 9th, 2006

And no, I am not referring to Tuesday’s elections. I am referring to an ad on the radio I just heard about 20 minutes while taking out the trash. (How appropriate that I mention Oprah and trash in the same post).

The ad starts out with a mother telling her young child to wash his hands over and over, before he eats, when he plays outside and probably after he diddles himself, for all I know.

This is a commercial for Flintstones Vitamins, with extra vitamin C, which, according to the ad “boosts the immune system”, due to the extra vitamin C in each tablet.

How, may I ask, have we gotten to the point that a children’s vitamin is pushing a product that “boosts the immune system”? Well, it is mainly because of all the liberal Oprah-watching soccer moms who would call for a Constitutional Convention to outlaw germs before any of these pesky bugs came within a nautical mile of their “precious”. These are the same people who buy Clorox wipes by the case, drive SUVS even though most of them cannot even see over the streering wheel and get aroused when Bill the Zipper comes on TV. (no pun intended).

God help us.

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Media and Dem Voter Supresssion Machine Working Overtime

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | November 5th, 2006

As you might have noticed over the last several weeks, the so-called mainstream media (MSM) and their masters within the Democratic Party leadership have been carrying out a campaign of psychological warfare, whose sole aim is to keep GOP and particularly conservative voters out of the voting booths this next Tuesday.

This campaign has been made up of several facets. Chief of among them are the endless sham “polls” showing how GOP voters are “angry”, “fed up” and “disgusted” with both the Bush administration and the GOP congress on issues like Iraq, spending, deficits, immigration and the latest Democratic election campaign love child, “sex scandals”. You could almost call this voter disenfranchisement with the way the MSM and their DNC massas have been bleating this ala Tokyo Rose for the last two months. Then again, there is very little difference bewteen those two entities and Ms. Rose.

With the polls now tight in several Senate races, most particularly in Montana, Maryland and Virginia and with Coker pulling away in Tennesee and (to the Dems horror) the possibility that the GOP might hold the DeLay and Foley seats, the Dems have been going into overdrive Carville/Begala spin mode as the panic is starting to set in that they will gain little to nothing in this election cycle. Throw in The Poodle’s blatant insult to our troops, the GOP’s superior ability to bring out their voters and I think we are going to see a “Dewey Defeats Truman” type of night this November 7.

Granted, the Dem fraud machine is in full gallop as in MO it was found this past week that 40% of “registered” voters that the ultra-Marxist group ACORN turned into the state were as bogus as a William Shatner toupee. Also, they weeks ago dispatched hundreds of lawyers, marching orders and lawsuits in hand to contest every election they think they can steal. So, as Michael Barrone said tonight on “Hannity and Colmes”, it is going from Election Day to Election Month.

Thank you, Al Gore for so bastardizing our electoral process because you could not take your loss in 2000 like a man. Anyone who loses their own home state in a close election has little to maon about.

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