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Cold, Hard Bribes and White Dem Plantation Owners

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | May 24th, 2006

As the news of Congressman William Hefferson’s (D- LA) new way of banking and taking bribes broke over the last few days, it is interesting to see the what I call the Vietnam Media’s reaction (such as there is) to this scandal. In other words, very, very little. Ho hum.

Since the Democrat’s new strategy for this Fall’s election is to run against the GOP’s “Culture of Corruption” (a hysterical premise considering that the only way most Dems stay in power is because of corruption at so many levels), this must leave them feeling as badly as a Teddy Kennedy hangover. However, since we are talking about the Democractic Party, they will brush this off and continue to use the same strategy that was so well refined by the Clintons. That is, accuse your opponents of what you yourself are guilty of. With the whore-like help of the Viteman Media, this, as most other Democtact scandals, will fade fast and cause little political damage to them.

However, what is interesting, (if hardly surprising) are the rumors floating around the Hill that several Dems want Clinton….err William Jefferson to step down from the House Ways and Means committee. It is hardly surprising, since this is the way most black Democrats are treated by their white masters, such as Robert “Clorox” Byrd or the Hero of Chappaquidick, Teddy Kennedy when it comes to these black Dems gaining too much power. From Oliver McCall running for governor in New York in 2004 to the more recent smears and recent background attempted sabotaging of Michael Steele’s bid for Maryland governor or even “Schoolbus” Ray Nagin’s campaign for Mayor of New Orleans, the Dems show why in the past they were the party of slavery, Jim Crow, poll taxes and lynchings.

Some things never change.

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The American Voter….Where to go?

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | May 8th, 2006

As if the GOP lies..and the Dems DNA that enforces them to lie is not enough to lie? Where does the American voter go to vote?

To read the US Constitution we would think….oh…many a party that cares for us? The Libertarian Party? A joke of a party that has never garnered better than 1% of the Presidential vote in the 25 years? The same party that would surrender us faster to Weird Beards faster than the Dems? I think not. The MTV Party of Rose Perot? A man who never wanted to not only be President, but whose sole purpose was to screw up the comfortable Electoral Process? All for a personal vendetta against the Bushes? Thank you, Ross. You gave us Hillary as President for 8 years. And she is deinging to run for another 8 years.

As Thomas Jefferson warned back in the early 1800’s, this Republic should have a revolution every twenty years, and we are a good 200 years past that deadline, I myself feel that we should have a voter jihad against our own government. One that taxes us on a 55% per year basis. One that could not give a damn when our kids or grandkids will be handed an 80% effective tax rate come 2026. The kind that that Flight 93 could have relieved us, if only it had hit all it’s target and relieved us of most, if not all of our Congresmen and had just flattened the building that I myself, that from age 1 to age 29,as a native DC’er, had regarded as Freedom’s Beaon. but one I know see as America’s Whorehouse when it comes to our wallets, our rights and our country.

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