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Some Random Rumblings

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 17th, 2005

Some Random Rumblings

Sex Offender Registry Available on Web

Looks like that state governments are finally getting it and making a more concerted effort to make sure that communities have more up-to-date and easily accessable information when it comes to knowing if sex offenders are living in their area. About friggin time as well.

Of course, the First Sex Offender himself is most certainly not on the list:

Sex Offender Registry Available on Web

Judge Roberts

Looks like Bush picked a winner in John Roberts to succeed Sandra Day O’ICantMakeMyMindUp for the Surpeme Court. Solid conservative credentials, not a very big paper trail, an easy confirmation two years ago will make it hard for the Hoover Dam Egos like Cereal Police Schumer and The Hero of Chappaquidick to do more than demand than his kindergarten report card and blast him for his penmanship.

Of course, old Screaming Howard Dean was back in the Loony Saddle this week, claiming that this was all timed to bump the Plamegate stort off of the front pages. Dems must be so proud that their party chairman is an escaped mental patient. Then again, so is virutally the entire Democrat Party leadership. Freud could have made billions off of this crowd.

And speaking of Plamegate, would someone just throw a coffin into the White House Press Room, so that Helen Thomas would feel more at home? The old crow has already been embalmed more times then Lenin and still does not realize she is already dead. It would save Scott McClellan a lot of time, so he can answer all of the other “Rove” questions.

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Hurricane Katrina

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | September 2nd, 2005

As is usual for Dem’s they can politicize ANY event. Even one that has bodies floating, a city lost, and a coastline devastated along Biblical proportions.

While I feel the Federal response to this true disaster was VERY slow, I dare any Osama Moore Worshipper to propose anyway that it could have been done any faster. After all, we have the Terrorist Left and Enviornmental Marxists to thank for this. Alternative sources of power? NO Coal? NO Drill for more oil? NO Nuclear power? No. Build a new refinery? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Instead, we have these property rights terrorists to thank for both the death and sufferng that is now ongoing in the Gulf.

Everytime I see a person from that area wipe their brow and look so hopeless, I can only can only think of a State Governement that steals plenty from their local conomy and still does little but moan and complainm while waiting for Federal dollars to be handed out.

The party of Ted Kennedy excess and the mantra of “NO” has finally come home to roost. Our fellow countrymen have lost eveything they spent their own and worked a ton to acquire (I know the feeling as I lost all of my possesssions via theft) And as always in the Clinton tradition, they blame all but themselves, even though they are the ones who passed the regulatgions that caused the problems that we are seeing in New Orleans and in the other cities. As always, combine libs and EnvironMarxists and dead people are the result.

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