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Wussification and Terrorist Left Insanity

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | August 28th, 2005

As I am sitting here listening to The Who’s “I’m a Boy” from their Live at Leeds concert, I cannot help but wonder if they knew how accurate they were when penning that song.

For indeed, as one line of the song goes, “I’m a boy, I’m a boy, but my mom won’t admit it – If I say I am, I get it" sums up the mindset (such as it is) of the modern-day, enemy-loving Terrorist Left. Promoting such a wussy attitude towards boys in today’s government-run educations gulags (more popularly, but inaccurately known as "public schools") is one of the most important jobs that the Marxist NEA orders their mind-numbed, union teachers to do. Pretend that boys and girls are basically the same, put the boys in a proverbial dress and wig and have them play with dolls. If they protest, sick the school nurse and administration on him and force-feed him their ready supply of Ritilan and pretend that there is no problem.

And in very similiar way, that is how the Terrorist Left is now going about their newest wave of anti-war protests and character assassination of both President Bush and our troops. It was bad enough with the mentally deranged, Soros/Leftist puppet Cindy Sheehan parking her considerable ass in front of Bush’s Crawford ranch and attracting every lefty media outlet as well as the Metamucil Hippie Crowd (ala Joan Baez) this side of Pluto to her side and broadcast 24/7 over the airwaves. Sing "Kumbaya", hold hands, sip bottled water and pretend that all of these good vibes will both force Bush’s hand and make a large population that have expressed a fervent to kill each and every one us, to all of the sudden to start wearing tye-dyed turbans. A 20′ ostrich could not bury it’s head deeper than these clowns. (Update: Speaking of clowns, good ole Rev. Al will be joining Sheehan soon in Crawford, so he can whore for the cameras some more. I wonder who he will stick with the expense this time?)

But now, these human warts have taken things even farther than most people would be willing to believe. To show both their hate for our military, our country and it’s Commander-in-Chief, the usual coalition of Socialist/Marxist/Communist (with some Saudi money thrown in) are now (and have been since March) setting up shop right in front of Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC. Using the usual assortment of anti-war props, such as fake coffins, the usual litnay of sings such as "Enlist here and die for Halliburton", they are harrassing GI’s and family members of wounded GI’s as they pass through the hospital doors. It is hard to fathom a lower form of life than these lower-than-whale-shits. We have wounded soldiers there, some fighting for their lives and by whose service these slugs have the freedom to protest in the first place, being subjected to such classless and debasing behavior. It also shows how the Left gets sexually aroused at the sight and thought of dead and wounded GI’s and get absolutely orgasmic at the sight of a real dead GI in a coffin. They literally have social orgies at such things up to and including setting up office pools for when the 1,000th, 1,500th or 2,000th death will occur, not to mention crimanally trespassing on said GI’s funerals. I do wish that some of these scums would get a bullet or ten between the eyes the next time they try such a disgusting act.

The Michael Moore-ification of the Democractic Party is now complete. I again repeat my personal call for the return of internment camps and stock them with these type of loathsome wastes of oxygen. Even Moore himself checked into a fat farm recently. Good luck, Moore. Be sure not choke on a chicken bone.

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