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Durbin – The Epitome of the Terrorist Left

Posted by NosferatusCoffin | June 17th, 2005

Well, we have seen the true colors of the Terrorist Left come out in full flower this past week. While Teddy the Drunk, Howard the Diaper Mouth, John the Kerry and The Bride of Satan have spewed their invective over this proud country over the last several months, nothing seemed to crystalize the true motives, the blackness of the Leftist Democrat heart than Sen. Durbin this week.

He captured all of the rhetoric that American-killing outlets like al-Jazeera can only dream about. He exposed the long-held, decades long belief that not only is America immoral, decadant and responsbile for all ills worldwide (global warming et al). But now we have the old Nazis and Soviets looking up to us in the ways of torture and handling POW's. Who would thought that having a 20 page manual on how to handle Satan's Book….sorry, the Koran, would be worse than people being taken from their homes forcefully, being separated from their families by force and then shaved, forced to work as slaves and taken to their ultimate reward, being shot or gassed, would be child’s play compared to an American soldier using two hands to handle the Koran.

After all, having bulldozers shove thousands of murdered bodies into mass graves (whether in Russia, Nazi Germany or Iraq) is somehow less horrid then the sight of a few terrorists with panties on their head, their reading from the al-Qaqda playbook (which must have been published by the Dem’s PC police) and the mere fact THAT THE AIR CONDITIONING WAS TURNED DOWN, is just too much for the “world community” as well as the Durbin’s to take. After all, they must be treated as Kennedy’s.

It matters little that 40 Haliburton employees have been killed helping to rebuild Iraq. After all, they are like the typical, Michael Moore worshipper assfuck would say, “Like you know, war for oil, dude”.

It matters little that these diaper-headed animals cut the heads off of innocent people, while hiding their own heads from the cameras. Or cut out tongues or hang women upside, naked while going through their periods as a form of humiliation.

It matters little that the woman-killing and hating fuckers in Gitmo are given a better meal than our own military men and women, who by the way, help open the schools, secure the cities, lay the pipes and wires that is rebuilding Iraq and risk their lives, sometimes to their loss, just so that asses like Durbin has the freedom to open his useless, big mouth and spout rhetoric that would make Marx blush. “Satan, get behind me”, indeed.

Thank you, Sen Durbin for showing the rest of America what a cancer you and your party are in this land.

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