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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Texas: Thank god for Mississippi!

Whew. That was a close one!

Texans breathed a sigh of relief late last night when Mississippi voters reelected a racist, Cindy Hyde-Smith, to the United States Congress. According to Governor Greg Abbott:

"For years Texas has been at the bottom of the barrel in education, wages, and environmental protection. We have elected some of the most god awful candidates to office. Our slogan of "No Place But Texas" has now become a joke. But last night Mississippi voters wiped it all out by voting for a racist to the United States Senate. A RACIST! Thank god for Mississippi!"

Ok. Once again, he didn't say that, I did. Thank god for Mississippi.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Mississippi: The Eyes of Texas are Upon You

Texas is pulling for Mississippi voters to send Cindy Hyde-Smith back to the United States Senate.  According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

"For too long Texas has been at the bottom of the toilet when voting. We have voted for an indicted Attorney General, Ken Paxton, for Sid Miller who referred to a woman using the C word, and for Ted Cruz the asshole of  the Senate. But on Tuesday Mississippi has the opportunity to elect a real racist and we thank god for Mississippi for taking the eyes off of Texas."

Well, that isn't exactly what he said but you get the idea. Texas has some of the worst human beings as elected officials yet they continue to be reelected. "No Place But Texas" really means it until tomorrow. Mississippi voters have a chance to elect a real live racist, Cindy Hyde-Smith, someone who joked about a lynching and wouldn't apologize. Even her donors have called for refunds including Major League Baseball, Pfizer, Walmart, and Union Pacific to name a few.

The top racist of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is set to hold a rally for Smith on Monday. The rules are about the same as for the Ted Cruz rally in Houston:
  1. No Mexicans (except for a few behind the stage)
  2. No Teachers
  3. No Muslims (except for a few behind the stage)
  4. No Federal employees including former FBI agents
  5. No Blacks (except for a few behind the stage)
  6. No Jews
  7. No non-Christians
Thank god for Mississippi!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Before Republicans start yelling CIVILITY NOW!

The Party of Trump is in no position to be running around calling for CIVILITY NOW! CIVILITY NOW!

Over the last three years the Republican Party has embraced, endorsed, and encouraged the behavior of Trump and has mimicked him to attack individuals and groups. Now after a single appearance on Saturday Night Live by one of their new Congressmen they are calling for civility. Really? REALLY? The Republican Party is the last group of people who should be calling for civility from anyone.

This is the party that mocked a disabled American. They have hurled and continue to hurl racist insults towards Latinos, African Americans, and others. They labeled our Muslims Americans as terrorists. They cheered while young brown children were separated from their parents and put into cages. Their women cheered while their leaders referred to them as C***s. They watched silently while their party leaders acted like rotten human beings using unfounded fears to win elections. They lied, over and over and over again on a daily basis. They have embraced every single conspiracy theory with no basis of facts whatsoever. They re-elected candidates who are mired in felony indictments. They mocked mothers who lost their children to gun violence. They trample on the rule of law especially those involved with Russia. And they have tolerated and endorsed those who continue to be lying, racist, law breaking, rotten human beings.

The Republican Party has no right to be calling for civility now. They have the right to shut up and learn how to be human again. They need to clean their own house, throw out the racists,  mysogynists, liars, cheats, criminals, and rotten human beings and those who tolerate them from their ranks. Then, and only then, can they start yelling CIVILITY NOW! CIVILITY NOW!

Clean your own damn pig sty before asking your neighbors to tidy their house.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rebooting the Harris County Republican Party

The out going Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett, says the Harris County Republican Party needs a reboot after getting a boot shoved so far up their butt their breath will smell like Desenex for the next two years. Emmett waited a bit too long to finally speak up.

I'm sure the HCRP is not interested in very pointed ideas coming from a former Republican but here are some ideas they might want to consider:

  1. Dump Trump. You made a mistake in 2016. Trump has turned your party into a group of racist, lying, cheating, conspiracy theory, rotten assholes. That stench might be hard to wash off but wash you must.
  2. Don't be racist. It's sad someone has to tell you not to be a racist. Racism is bad. Really, really, baaaaad. Not only should you not be a racist you should speak out against those who are., immediately and forcefully. Your party tolerates and condones racism. That must stop.
  3. Stop acting like a bag of dicks. Seriously. Why do you have to praise people like Sid Miller the mini trump of the Texas Republican Party. Can't you at least act as if you have the title "The Honorable" in front of your name?
  4. Don't call women the C word. Again. Why do we have to tell you this? You are not in Jr. High. Grow up and treat women with respect and call out those who don't. If you are a republican woman who is condoning this type of behavior maybe a course on self esteem is warranted.
  5. Stop suppressing the vote. Everyone citizen has the right to vote and should have the right to exercise that right. You act like you want to restrict voting by making it harder to register and harder to vote. Stop it.
  6. Dump the NRA. They have become a boat anchor. Americans are tired of being shot. High school kids are rising up for this issue alone. You are on a long term losing path. Even the NRA was silent during this election. They are hurting you. No one is coming for your guns. Start acting like it.
  7. Stop lying. No one is coming for our guns. There isn't an invasion coming from the south. There is no voter fraud. There is no need for a voter ID. There were no WMDs. Stop lying to your party members.
  8. Stop spending money. What the hell happened to the "Fiscally Conservative" party? Our country under republican rule now has a $1Trillion deficit just so your party could give your donors a huge tax cut.
  9. Embrace health care. No one wants to mortgage their house to pay for treatment for their kids. Your health care plan has failed. 
  10. Stop saying "Conservative".  And finally, you are not conservative. Stop saying your are. You no longer have conservative or family values. As I have said before:
Conservatives do not mock the disabled.
They don't create massive out of control deficits.
They don't make jokes about those dying of cancer.
They don't violate or ignore the laws of our country.
They don't tolerate sexual abuse.
They don't tolerate family violence.
They don't interrupt people while talking.
They don't call people names.
They don't say racist things.
They don't refer to Native Americans as "Pocahontas"
They don't make fun of other peoples language.
They don't call people of color "rapists".
They don't call Muslims "terrorists".
They don't endorse hate groups, the KKK, or white supremacy.
They don't disrespect elected officials even those they disagree with.
They don't lie. Every. Single. Day.
They don't walk around with loaded assault weapons in public.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Republican teachers should be fired

What idiot thought this was a good idea? Thank God for Idaho!

From the NBC News:

The employees of Heights Elementary School dressed as a wall in cardboard in a group of costumes made to look like bricks. The slogan "Make America Great Again" was written in red, white and blue letters across their chests. 
A handful of other school staff dressed in sombreros, serapes (a long blanket-like shawl) and wore fake mustaches and carried maracas. In one of the pictures, a woman appears to have written "Mexican" in capital letters across the brim of her sombrero.
Seriously, what idiot thought this would be a fun idea for elementary school kids? Besides the fact it is racist, they are public school teachers campaigning for their president on school property during school hours. Even if they did this off campus and in their private lives it would be considered a pretty stupid idea especially after posting pictures on social media, which they did.

They posted the pictures on the school districts facebook page, which, by the way, has been deleted. Not the pictures, the entire facebook site. Maybe its because they received over 2000 comment and the pictures went viral.

As I have said in a previous post (just yesterday):

This behavior has become a habit for republicans. Why do we have to tell republican elected officials not to be racist, not to mock the disabled, not to send dick pics, not to call a woman the C word, not to use the N word, and not to post anti-Semitic material on their re-election website?

Friday, November 02, 2018

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart removes anti-Semitic website

Why do we have to tell elected officials to not be anti-Semitic?

According to the Houston Chronicle:
After the Houston Chronicle posted an article Tuesday in which observers described the Soros attack as a "dog whistle" to anti-Semites, references to Soros disappeared from the site.

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart was  the subject of a previous post "Why do you have to be a dick about everything?" because of his dog whistle re-election website. This is the second time Stanart has had to be called out. Earlier this week Stanart wasn't going to enforce the law at an early voting location in Clear Lake by demanding a poll worker to remove his nra hat....until Fox 26 called him out on it. He quickly threw his workers under the bus and required him to either remove the hat or leave.

This behavior has become a habit for republicans. Why do we have to tell republican elected officials not to be racist, not to mock the disabled, not to send dick pics, not to call a woman the C word, not to use the N word, and not to post anti-Semitic material on their re-election website?

It's as if they don't want to be an elected official anymore. We can help them on November 6.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

TX Senator Ted Cruz "You can be Hispanic and a racist too!"

Leave it to Ted Cruz to voluntarily step in a political pile of poo.  From Bloomberg:

Representative Steve King of Iowa, who has been abandoned by Republican leaders and donors over his embrace of white nationalists and for rhetoric that has been denounced as racist, said he got a supportive phone call from Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who’s facing a tough re-election battle of his own.

Steve King has been well known for making racist comments even on the House floor. Cruz called his latest event of embracing white nationalists as "disappointing" and "Divisive". According to Cruz:

"I find Congressman Steve King's comments disappointing and divisive, but I am looking towards 2020 and King can help me win in Iowa."

Actually he didn't say that but its as if he did. Earlier in the week, Cruz a Canadian-Cuban-American was in south Texas claiming he was more Hispanic than his challenger Beto O'Rouke, which would not be hard to say since Beto is not Hispanic. He is Irish-American and has never claimed otherwise. His name "Beto" was a nickname given to him as a child like many of his friends and kids named Roberto or Gilberto.

Cruz claiming he is Hispanic, when he hasn't before, is strange timing considering Beto is giving him a run for his money. Also Hispanics have problems with Cruz. We stand up to bullies especially those who insult our family members like our wives. We don't roll over and forgive very easily. We are very loyal to our families and friends. We don't make fun of the disabled. We defend those who need help. We believe in true conservative spending. And we do not condone those who make racist statements.

Maybe Cruz ought to stick with being Canadian. If they let him.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The deafening Sounds of Silence: Republican "Leaders"

Disturb recorded a remake of Simon and Garfunkel's 1960's The Sounds of Silence. It is definitely worth a few minutes of your time if you have never heard it.

This is the new fight song for the Republican Party. Over the last 3+ years they have been silent. When their president makes racist statements, they are silent. When he incites violence towards the media, they are silent. When he personally attacks his political opponents they are silent.

When he lies, conspires with our enemies, condones the killing and dismembering of a Washington Post reporter, explodes the deficit to over $1 Trillion, suppresses the vote, endorses and distributes conspiracy theories, condones the slaughter with assault weapons, they are silent. They say nothing.

Pete Olson, Brian Babin, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, to name just a few, condone Trump's behavior by not speaking out. They have the authority to write to the President and say "Knock it off!" but won't. They simply endorse this attack on Americans and this horrible display of racism. They are cowards

At the very least Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Congressman John Culberson didn't attend Trump's hatefest in Houston for the crippling fear of his rabid racist base and losing their positions. They yelled silently. It is deafening.

And whispered in the sounds of silence

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Nothing is too low for Pete Olson and Fort Bend Republicans

Following in the footsteps of their lord and savior, Donald J. Trump, Texas Congressman Pete Olson and the Fort Bend Republic Party has stooped to a new low in reaching out to the Hindu American voters. From the Hindu American Foundation:
Houston, TX (September 18, 2018) — The Hindu American Foundation today called upon the Fort Bend County Republican Party to clarify its intentions regarding the use of Lord Ganesha in an ad urging support of the Republican Party. 
The ad appeared to be an attempt to reach out to Hindus on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and urged Hindu American voters in the county to vote Republican by asking “Would you worship a donkey or an elephant? The choice is yours.”
This leaves a number of questions on the table, one being: Why is Pete and the republic party reaching out to Hindu Americans? They never have before. Maybe it's because Olson is being challenged by Sri Preston Kulkarni one of the most qualified candidates running for Congress. Don't believe me, go read his bio. Sri is giving Pete all he can handle and his party has made a mistake in their outreach.

Can you imagine if the Democratic Party reached out to Christians with a reference to Joseph and Mary riding a donkey and not an elephant? Neither can I because mixing religion and political ads is just an incredibly stupid idea.
The second question is: How low will they go? We haven't seen bottom for the republic party in Texas. Fort Bend is just catching up. There is no bottom to what they will say or do to feed their base of politically ignorant, lying, bunch of racists. 

Just like their president.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Why do you have to be a dick about everything: Tx Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

Don't you have anything better to do than tweet or read Facebook?

As the Houston Chronicle pointed out Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, once again, used social media for a racist attack on an African American. From the Chronicle:

AUSTIN — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller liked a comment on his Facebook page that called for getting “a rope” to handle his Democratic opponent, Kim Olson, and an African-American U.S. Senator in an apparent reference to lynching.

Yes. Lynching and this is not Sid Miller's first rodeo. As you may remember Miller was criticized for calling Secretary Clinton the C word back in 2016. Calling a woman the C word usually results in getting fired, removed from office, or your ass kicked. Miller later issued an apology:

I went on to raise horses and ride in the rodeo. I was considered just an ole, simple minded, Christian, country bumpkin with a hat bigger than my head. Unfortunately this continues to this day resulting in my unfortunate use of the word C*** when referring to a female politician. For this I apologize. 
In the future I will work to uphold the laws of the State, the word of the Lord, and the wisdom of family values and will use other words like bitch or whore.

Sid Miller isn't fit to be a rodeo clown much less an elected official. Instead of tweeting and being a racist on Facebook he should be spending time doing hid damn job. He has become the rodeo clown of the Texas republic party acting like a racist asshole, much like his mentor Donald Trump. For this we have to ask "Why do you have to be a dick about everything?". 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton' #whitepower Problem

Is this is an incredible display of racism by a member of the Paxton legal team during the Kavanaugh hearing for Supreme Court? Or it is nothing but a simple hand jester that is saying "Nothing to see here. Everything is fine." You decide. Zina Bash was appointed by Paxton as the senior counsel on his  executive leadership team in July of 2018. From the Washington Post:
Popular Twitter personalities and accounts such as Amy Siskind, Eugene Gu and the Palmer Report tweeted that Bash had flashed a “white-power” symbol, drawing a flurry of engagement on the social media platform.
While sitting behind Kavanaugh Zina directly in camera view Bash was seen flashing the white power sign. According to the Post this really isn't a racist hand signal, it is nothing but the OK sign. Like OK I'm flashing a white power signal. 

Her husband, John Bash, the United States attorney for Western Texas, took to twitter and claimed the following:

Yea. Right. He claims she was just resting her arms in a natural manner. I can't remember ever sitting, standing, or sleeping while flashing a known white power sign. Ever. I ain't buying it and Ken Paxton shouldn't either. Wake up folks.