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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Before you praise Dan Crenshaw....

You might want to look at Dan Crenshaw platform before ooooing and ahhhing over him.

  • Guns on demand. As with his party he talks a tough game on background checks (only) but his party will not do anything. Other than that it is guns on demand for everyone. Want an Uzi? You got it!
  • Military spending. He supports Trump's military build up and his attack on our allies.
  • Supports the tax cut. He supports the tax cut for the 2% which has cratered the deficit.
  • Supports cutting Social Security. In order to pay for the tax cuts he supports cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicare. All to appease the 2%.
  • Abortion. No surprises here.
  • Immigration. Supports building the wall, separating families, and trump's immigration plans.
  • Religious discrimination. Believes in discriminating of those who have different religious beliefs. He calls it "Freedom". The freedom to discriminate.
  • School Vouchers. He supports school vouchers allowing the rich to pick and choose their own schools.
  • Free Speech. He believes we are too "politically correct". Whatever that means.
  • Healthcare. Yells SOCIALISM every chance he gets. He wants us to go back to the way it was before the Affordable Care Act. His positions have all been shown to be bad ideas and have never been implemented for good reasons. He basically has no idea of what he is talking about. Luck for him and his family, they are covered for life by the US Military.
  • Doesn't believe in climate change. Nothing to see here. Typical anti-science republican.
Crenshaw was given a great opportunity to look like a human being on Saturday Night Live. He made the best of it acting like he is the middle of the road, let's come together, blah blah blah, type of guy. He isn't. 

NOTE: I was incorrect. The Houston Chronicle Endorsed Todd Lurton not Crenshaw. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

58 petrochemical tank terminal coming to Clear Lake?

Candidate for Harris County Commissioner, Adrian Garcia, has raised the flag on a proposed petrochemical tank storage facility at Clear Lake City Blvd and Hwy 3. From his press release:

“I’m taking a stand against polluters who are making our families and children sick,” said Garcia. “It is reported that Hurricane Harvey’s biggest polluter, Magellan Midstream Tank Terminal in Galena Park, now wants to build a massive petrochemical tank terminal of 58 tanks at the edge of Clear Lake on land that flooded Horsepen Bayou so badly a car was swept off Hwy 3, drowning the driver during 2015’s May rain event,”.

The proposed location is across the street from Ellington and could contribute to an high flooding risk area. During heavy rains this intersection floods easily as well as Clear Lake Blvd from Hwy 3 to the Bay Knoll subdivision. Last Friday I saw a crew putting up the for sale signs for this property that has been home to oil rigs and cattle for decades. About 10 years ago the community killed a proposal that would allow the dumping of sewer waste on the property as "fertilizer". They were full of fertilizer. NASA management helped stop this by citing a hazard from birds to their aircraft. 

A map provided by the Southbelt Leader shows the proposed 58 storage tanks from Hwy 3 to I45 on Clear Lake City Blvd. Click on the pic for a larger view.

Besides the flooding hazard, according to the press release, the company proposing the tank terminal, Magellan, had a spill of  ½ million gallons of gasoline during Harvey. So we will need to keep an eye on this proposal. Clear Lake residents have been successful in stopping the fertilizer dumping, the proposed San Jacinto Rail carrying explosive chemicals north of Clear Lake, and was successful in stopping the development of the old golf course. 

Surely there will be hearings on this. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The San Jacinto Waste Pits Trial

Jackie Young of Texans Together is blogging about the $3Billion lawsuit concerning the San Jacinto Waste Pits. From her blog:

The Waste Pits, created in 1965 by Champion Paper and McGinnis Industrial Maintenance Corporation, were discovered by State of Texas officials in 2005 when they found astronomic levels of dioxin in the San Jacinto River near the Interstate 10 Bridge. The Site was then listed as a Federal Superfund Site on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Priority List (NPL). In 2011 Harris County and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) filed suit for 35 years of alleged violations at the Waste Pits from Waste Management of Texas, International Paper, and McGinnis Industrial Maintenance Corporation (MIMC).

The trial is taking place at the Harris County’s Civil Courthouse on the 14th floor in the 295th civil courtroom (201 Caroline, Houston, TX) beginning at 9:00amNick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle has provided a number of cartoons describing the Pits including this one:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Tea Party fracking water crisis in Pappy Elkins Lake

Candidate for Railroad Commissioner, Steve Brown, visited Pappy Elkins Lake near Arlington.
This lake has been completely decimated due to nearby hydraulic fracturing and the lingering drought. The lake’s water once covered the small island in its center. Residents were further alarmed this week to find many dead fish floating on top of that lake. What’s worse, the local government there has not kept track of just how much water from the lake has been used for drilling purposes.
Here is a picture of the lake from late 2007:

And here is the lake in 2013:

Dallas Business News has more:
XTO, which is owned by Exxon Mobil, denies that it took 1.4 million gallons more water than it was permitted for. Its permit allowed for the removal of about 3.3 million gallons of water over 12 months between December 2009 and 2010; in turn, the city would pump however much water XTO used back into the lake from a city well.
Steve Brown is onto something. This drought and fracking situation has been neglected by the Tea Party for a decade requiring a raiding of the Rainy Day Fund due to lack of rain and lack of planning. The Rainy Day Fund was not created to cover mismanagement. It required a vote by Texas citizens in order to allocate funds for this purpose. 

It is not the first time they have neglected a situation then came riding on a white horse to fix the problem. It is called "planning by emergency". Any idiot can make a plan after an emergency arises. 

It takes leadership to prevent the emergency in the first place.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Ike Dike Tax Hike

A $12Billion "Ike Dike" is being proposed by local businesses for the Galveston area. Guess who is going to pay for it? From KHOU:

According to the newly formed "Bay Area Coastal Protection Alliance" the Dike would cost taxpayers $6B, which in real world terms is about $12B and will be built within 2 years. (yea, right) There is no argument, hurricanes cause a tremendous amount of damage, but you have to wonder if a dike is needed in Galveston, then will we need one for the Port of Houston? And the Corpus area? New York? The State of Florida?

And who will pay for that? I think the Ike Dike Tax Hike Alliance is going to have a very difficult sell on their hands. I am sure if it is built all the savings the insurance industry will reap will flow down to the policy holders.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exploration Green Groundbreaking Celebration in Clear Lake.

The old Clear Lake Golf Course is becoming the new Exploration Green Park. Visit for more information and come out to see what the "old golf course" is going to  become!