Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Poll worker ordered to remove NRA hat. #NoPlaceButTexas

It's sad when you have to tell a human being not to wear an nra hat while working the polls less than 48 hours after 11 Americans were slaughtered by a gun nut. Besides the fact that it is illegal, it is obscene and disrespectful towards the families, friends, and other Americans. From Fox 26 Houston:

County Clerk Stan Stanart claims all of his poll workers and presiding judges must be neutral and cannot wear any type of clothing such as an NRA hat, yet he obviously forgot to tell his poll workers and presiding judges. He also wasn't going to do anything about the complaint which was filed early in the morning until Fox 26 called for a statement.

What bothers me the most is that the presiding judge, a republican, knew he was going to wear this hat. She allowed it. She condoned it and she defended him when a complaint was filed. As a judge she has the authority to tell her workers to remove any obvious inappropriate clothing or to leave the area. She refused.

What kind of a Christian would think this was appropriate? What kind of human being would think this was appropriate? It makes your heart hurt for our country.

#NoPlaceButTexas #FireStanStanart


Unknown said...

Way to go John! Keep watching.

Anonymous said...

"claims all of his poll workers and presiding judges must be neutral and cannot wear any type of clothing"

Uh, he never made this claim.

John Cobarruvias said...

yes he did. not in those exact words. Hence no quotes.

Corey said...

I'm confused you were offended by a hat? Did the NRA shoot someone recently or something?

Fred said...

“It’s very important that our poll workers be non-partisan, not be doing anything to show favoritism to one perceived side.” - Stan Stanart per yesterday’s Fox26 segment.
“Keep Liberal Socialists away from our elections!” - re-elect.stanstanart .com/volunteer

Nice work protecting the integrity of the election process, John. Perhaps you should run for County Clerk.

P.S. Fox26 makes me watch a 30-second ad for a military gear company before their segment. Coincidence?

John Cobarruvias said...


What part of "Don't break the law" do you not understand. And
What part of "Don't be an asshole" do you not understand?

He broke the law. He was, and is, an asshole for doing it.